Pranusanguni - San Basilio (Cagliari) Italy


"The Astro-Tourism in Europe: An increasing Business"

The final meeting of the Eusky Route project ("The Astrotourism in Europe: An increasing business") will be held in Bruxells on 16th of June, in the First Euroflat Hotel - Boulevard Charlemagne 50, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. The EU SKYROUTE PROJECT, aims to draw a route of astronomical sites in Europe, giving value to our Astronomy Heritage capable of binding new expectations of active leisure and the infrastructure that Europe has in the field of astronomy.

The Eu Sky Rout project is co-financed within the COSME program of the European Commission and is addressed to people developing the ASTROTOURISM. It will also suppose a great opportunity to meet new potential cooperation partners. Along the event, the potential of the Astrotourism in Europe, the results of the project, the design of the European Skyroute and best practices in Astrotourism will be presented by project partners. Large space of network will be allowed between all the participants.

The INAF-Cagliari Astronomical Observatory (INAF-OAC) will present two routes, builded around the SRT site and the INAF-OAC headquarters. The developed  routes are obviuosly related to astronomy, but a particular focus has been given to ancient history (Nuragical sites)

Participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. You can register at this link <>