EVN Technical and Operations Group

Cagliari, Italy, October 5-6, 2014


A limited travel support for this meeting can be given by RadioNet3 on special request to Michael Lindqvist, Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden.

The deadline is 1 July 2014


Sunday, October 5th, 2014: visit to the Sardinia Radio Telescope
15:00 Meeting point of TOG participants
15:15 Bus departure to the SRT site
16:15 Arrival at SRT site
16:30 SRT presentation (Nicolo' D'Amico, SRT project manager)
17:00 - 19:00 Tour through the antenna
19:30 Bus departure to Sant'Andrea Frius (CA)
20:00 - 22:00 Workshop dinner at Ristorante Su Nuraxi (funded by RadioNet3)
22:00 Bus departure to Cagliari
23:00 Arrival at meeting point
Monday, October 6th, 2014: TOG
08:00 Meeting point of TOG participants
08:15 Bus departure to the Cagliari Astronomical Observatory (OAC)
08:30 OAC presentation (Andrea Possenti, OAC Director)
09:00 Session 1
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 Session 2
13:15 Lunch
14:15 Session 3
16:00 Coffee break
16:15 Session 4
18:30 End of TOG
19:00 Bus departure to meeting point in Cagliari

The meeting point is in front of the Hotel Regina Margherita, viale Regina Margherita 73, at eight minutes of walking distance from the Hotel Italia.


There is no registration fee, as the meeting is funded by RadioNet3. The funding covers the coffee breaks, the workshop dinner and possible transfers from the hotels to the venue.


Please register your participation in the EVN TOG meeting at Cagliari Observatory, October 5-6 2014, using this form.
Deadline for registration: 5 September 2014

TOG contact

OAC website

Phone: +39 070 71180232

Email: evntog2014-loc@oa-cagliari.inaf.it

List of registered participants

Nr. Last name First name Affiliation
1 Migoni Carlo INAF - Cagliari Astronomical Observatory
2 Melis Andrea INAF - Cagliari Astronomical Observatory
3 Fara Antonietta INAF - Cagliari Astronomical Observatory
4 Coiana Tiziana INAF - Cagliari Astronomical Observatory
5 Vargiu Gian Paolo INAF - Cagliari Astronomical Observatory
6 Lindqvist Michael Onsala Space Observatory
7 Porcas Richard MPIfR, Bonn
8 Agudo Ivan JIVE
9 Bezrukovs Vladislavs Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center, Latvia
10 Yang Jun Onsala Space Observatory
11 Szomoru Arpad Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe
12 Alef Walter MPIfR, Bonn
13 Uunila Minttu Metsähovi Radio Observatory
14 Orlati Andrea INAF-IRA
15 Kuper Geert Astron (Wb)
16 Surcis Gabriele JIVE
17 Asabere Bernard Duah University of Johannesburg
18 Leeuwinga Martin Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe
19 Vicente Pablo Observatorio de Yebes
20 Kettenis Mark JIVE
21 Tenkink Hans JIVE
22 Polatidis Antonis ASTRON (Wb)
23 Goddi Ciriaco JIVE
24 Bach Uwe MPIfR, Effelsberg
25 Hammargren Roger Onsala Space Observatory
26 Taehyun Jung Korea Astoronomy & Space Science Institute
27 Byun Do-Young Korea Astoronomy & Space Science Institute
28 Poppi Sergio INAF - Cagliari Astronomical Observatory
29 Wolak Pawel Torun Centre for Astronomy
30 Kallunki Juha Metsähovi Radio Observatory
31 Tuccari Gino INAF-IRA Noto
32 Feiler Roman Torun Centre for Astronomy
33 Garcia-Miro Cristina Madrid Deep Space Communication Complex NASA
34 Cullen Jimmy Jodrell Bank Observatory
35 Burgess Paul Univ. Manchester Jodrell Bank Observatory
36 Gunn Alastair Jodrell Bank Observatory
37 Cassaro Pietro INAF IRA Noto
38 Ruszczyk Chester MIT Haystack Observatory
39 Himwich Ed NASA/NVI
40 Maccaferri Giuseppe IRA - INAF
41 Colomer Francisco Instituto Geográfico Nacional
42 Guifre Molera JIVE
43 Paragi Zsolt JIVE
44 Campbell Bob JIVE
45 Verkouter Harro Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe
46 Valente Giuseppe INAF-OAC
47 Pisanu Tonino INAF-OAC
48 Urru Enrico INAF-OAC
49 Concu Raimondo INAF-OAC


The local organization is done by the staff of the Cagliari Astronomical Observatory:

Tiziana Coiana

Antonietta Fara

Andrea Melis

Carlo Migoni (chair)

Gian Paolo Vargiu

Questions to the LOC should be addressed to evntog2014-loc@oa-cagliari.inaf.it or via fax to "evntog2014" (+39 070 71180222).

General info

General information about the EVN TOG can be found on the official EVN TOG Web page.
The current information about the content of the meeting can be found on the EVN TOG Wiki pages.
The action items can be found here.
This meeting receives support from RadioNet3; an European project supported within the FP7, contract number 283393.


The participants are asked to make their reservations at the hotels by their own. The best way is by e-mail. Please use the keyword "EVNTOG2014" as reference, and ask for a booking confirmation. Early booking is recommended because the number of rooms in the hotels is limited (40). If you need assistance with your reservation, please feel free to contact the LOC (contact person is Carlo Migoni). A blockage of rooms at the following two hotels in Cagliari will expire on July 15th, 2014.

Hotel name Website
Hotel Italia http://www.hotelitaliacagliari.com/en/
Hotel Regina Margherita http://www.hotelreginamargherita.com/?lang=en

Here is a choice of other accommodations close to the meeting point in Cagliari:

Hotel name Website
Hotel 4 Mori http://www.hotel4mori.it/4mori_GB/index.asp
Hotel Mira Mare http://www.hotelmiramarecagliari.it/

Tourist Information

Cagliari turismo, the tourist portal of the city of Cagliari.

Sardegna Turismo.