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A new version of Castia Source Visibility has been released.

A new version of CASTIA Source Visibility has been released.

CASTIA is a software package developed by M.N. Iacolina, V.Vacca, A. Pellizzoni, S. A. Iacolina, A.Trois and the SRT Astrophysical Validation Team and is able to check radio source visibility at a given date. In its first version, CASTIA produced visibility plots from the Italian radio telescopes (SRT, Medicina and Noto).

The new release presents three main improvements:

  • it produces plots containing both the visibility and the elevation of radio sources versus time, including daytime radio sources, which were not offered by any other public source visibility tool;
  • a large collection of international facilities can be selected from the menu list;
  • target coordinates can be resolved from Simbad database names.

The tool is available online at the CASTIA site . A detailed description of the tool is available in the internal report Vacca V. et al. IRA 468/13.